Sponsoring students: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you invoice us?

Yes, when you complete the online registration or examination task please select "Payment by Sponsor". You will then be asked to provide the sponsor's details and upload a valid Purchase Order or a sponsor letter confirming the payment of fees.

If a student withdraws from their course, am I (as sponsor) still responsible for their fees?

Yes, you will be responsible for any outstanding fees which you have previously agreed to pay on behalf of the student.

A student has paid their course fees but my organisation has now agreed to sponsor them. What should I do?

You can reimburse the student directly for the fees they have already paid to the University of London International Programmes. Students can print receipts for these payments from their online fees statement and submit them to you as evidence.

Alternatively, if you decide to resubmit the payment directly to the University of London International Programmes, the student can receive a refund of any fees originally paid by themselves. The student receives a refund only when payment from the sponsor has been received, which can take 4-6 weeks to process once the details have been received by our central finance department.

I would like to contribute to part of the student fee. How is this achieved?

When students register, they are asked to specify either an amount or a percentage of the course fee that the sponsor will be responsible for. The remaining fees will be charged directly to the student.

Can you quote our purchase order number on your invoice?

Yes the purchase order number can be specified on request.

We want to sponsor an employee, student or a group of students. How can we let the University of London International Programmes know we want to pay the fees?

You should provide each student with a purchase order or letter outlining the total fees that you want to pay. The student can then upload this document when they are completing the online registration task and select "Payment by Sponsor".

As the student’s sponsor can we see their examination results?

Yes, but we will need written consent from the student.