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The appointment of examiners procedure for the University of London International Programmes takes place on an annual basis and is supported by a formal contract for services, which includes a Register of Interests declaration.

Statutory requirements

It is also a requirement by law that examiners have the right to work in the UK. It is therefore a further condition of the appointment that, before any work can be undertaken, or any payment made, examiners must have provided the University's Quality, Standards and Governance Directorate (QSG) with satisfactory evidence of the right to work and reside in the UK. For a complete list of approved right to work documents please see UK Visas and Immigration Documents List A & B.

HMRC introduced specific arrangements for payments to examiners in April 2014. The University’s payroll provider, FMP Global, therefore requires specific payroll information to set you up on the payroll and to enable payments to be processed by our Fees Office. Fees will be paid directly to your bank account via the FMP Global payroll bureau. Payment of any fee due is only made when a confirmed acceptance and register of interests form, satisfactory evidence of your right to work in the UK and payroll details (including NI number) have been received.

Categories of Examiners

All examiners will receive formal notification by email, that on the recommendation of an independent academic institution of the University of London they are invited to act as an Examiner under one of the following categories:

  • Chair
  • Deputy Chair
  • External / Intercollegiate Examiner
  • Chief Examiner
  • Deputy Chief Examiner
  • Examiner
  • Associate Examiner
  • Assessor
  • Assistant Examiner.

The roles and responsibilities of all categories of examiner are defined in Section 2 of the Guidelines for Examinations 2016-2017.

Acceptance of Appointment – Online Submission

To formalise the contract with the University, examiners are required to complete and submit an Acceptance of Appointment and Register of Interests form. In the interests of expediency and to ensure subsequent prompt payment for services, we request all examiners to complete the form through our online system upon receipt of the contract.

Acceptance of Appointment and Register of Interests online submission form

At the foot of this page is a full list of enclosures relevant to the appointment of examiners process. We would like to particularly draw examiners’ attention to the Guidelines for Examinations 2016-2017. This document sets out the University of London International Programmes’ agreed policies and procedures for the conduct of examinations.

In addition, role descriptors for Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Boards, External/Intercollegiate Examiners and Chief/Deputy Chief Examiners are made available where appropriate.

Register of Interests

To ensure that conflicts of interest, whether actual or perceived, do not arise, all examiners must complete a Register of Interests declaration as part of the acceptance of their contract.

University of London International Programmes examiners who have relationships with third party teaching institutions (for example through teaching, revision classes, staff training, consultancy or inspection) for which payments or other benefits have been received should treat this as an interest to be declared.  For a more detailed explanation please refer to the Code of Practice for Examiners when Teaching Students under Private Arrangements.

Relationships with agents and/or other third parties in the same field (for example, publishers) should also be declared.

For guidance please download Guidance notes for more information.

External and Intercollegiate Examiners

External and Intercollegiate Examiners are required to submit a formal report to the University within four weeks of the final meeting of the Board of Examiners. Reports can be submitted either:

Please note that the online form cannot be saved and has to be completed in one session. External and Intercollegiate Examiners should refer to the Guidance Notes [PDF: 2pg, 104KB] for further information. It should also be noted that the information provided may be disclosed, subject to certain exemptions, under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

If you are an External or Intercollegiate Examiner and you have queries concerning the External Examiners' process please email us at


Examiners are sent links to some of the following information as appropriate within the contract:

Guidelines for Examinations 2016-2017 [PDF: 51pgs, 1MB]
Guidance notes - Register of Interests [PDF: 102KB]
University's Financial Regulations [PDF: 66pgs, 784KB]
Code of Practice for Examiners when Teaching Students under Private Arrangements [PDF: 250KB]
External / Intercollegiate Examiner Annual Report 2016-17 [DOCX: 5pgs, 100KB]
Guidance Notes for External / Intercollegiate Examiner’s Annual Report [PDF: 2pg, 104KB]
Examiner expenses form [PDF: 1pg, 22KB]
Examiners Payroll Details Form [DOC: 1pg, 50KB]
FMP Global [External link]
Payments to Examiners for all International Programmes examinations in 2016-17 [PDF: 14pgs, 170KB]
Terms of Reference for Boards of Examiners - Chairs to complete [DOC: 1pg, 28KB]
Template agenda for meetings [PDF: 2pgs, 202KB]
Role descriptor - Chair/Deputy Chair [PDF]
Role EMFSS Chief 2015-16 [PDF]
Role EMFSS Second 2015-16 [PDF]
Role descriptor - External/Intercollegiate Examiner [PDF: 1pg 73KB]
UoLIA Plagiarism Guide [PDF: 2PGS 466KB