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Our global community of former students and alumni include many exceptional people who have made their mark on the world.

Seven Nobel Prize Winners:

  • Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
  • Ronald Coase
  • Wole Soyinka
  • Derek Walcott
  • Rolph Payet
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Sir Charles Kao.

This list also includes academics (Asa Briggs, Kwasi Wiredu, Sir Geoffrey Elton); engineers (Sir Barnes Wallis); politicians (Dr Luisa Diogo, Gisela Stuart MP); and writers (H.G. Wells, Chinua Achebe, Malcolm Bradbury).

Today, our worldwide reputation continues to ensure our graduates are to be found in leading positions around the world.

Louise Creighton

Louise Creighton


Louise Creighton was one of the first women graduates, passing the University of London’s Special Examination for Women with honours. In 1878 the University of London became the first university in the UK to allow women to study for its degrees. By 1900, over 30 per cent of the 536 graduating students were women.

She went on to become a social activist and writer, who campaigned for votes for women and a greater role for women within the Church of England. As well as writing and editing books she served on two Royal Commissions and the Joint Committee of Insurance Commissioners.

As a member of the Standing Committee of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, she helped promote the work of women missionaries and took a leading role chairing the women's meetings at the Pan-Anglican Congress of 1908.

After nearly twenty years of living in a grace-and-favour apartment at Hampton Court Palace, Creighton moved back to Oxford in the late 1920s.

Lord Frederick William Mulley

Lord Frederick William Mulley - graduated 1946

Former Secretary of Defence

During the First and Second World Wars the University of London International Programmes enabled British servicemen to study while serving in the Armed Forces or in prisoner-of-war camps. One person who benefited greatly from this wartime study was Lord Frederick William Mulley. As the son of an unemployed factory labourer, Lord Mulley could not afford to go to university. He was given the opportunity to study for a BSc Economics as a Prisoner of War in Germany. This led him to be awarded a scholarship to study at Oxford. He went on to become a barrister, get elected to Parliament, and eventually achieved a senior position in the government as Secretary of State for Defence.

Lord Frederick William Mulley died 15 March 1975.

Judge Christopher Weeramantry

Judge Christopher Weeramantry - graduated 1949

Former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice

Many graduates from our internationally-renowned Bachelor of Laws degree have gone on to high profile legal careers and become judges within their own countries or overseas. Judge Christopher Weeramantry, who received an LLB (1949) and BA History (1951) from the University of London International Programmes while living in Sri Lanka, has been influential in Sri Lanka and internationally. He worked as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and a Professor of Law in Australia, before being appointed a Judge of the International Court of Justice in 1991. He held this position until 2000, serving as Vice President from 1997-2000. Since retiring, he has founded the Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research (WICPER) and is President of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. He was the UNESCO Peace Education Laureate in 2006.

“University of London is a centre of scholastic excellence. It just so happens that many Sri Lankans had the choice of where to study, and chose the University of London. So it happens that today many of our best scholars have UOL”

Judge Christopher Weeramantry died 5 January 2017.

Dame Dianne Thompson

Dame Dianne Thompson - graduated 1971

CEO Camelot Group
Dianne Thompson studied for degrees in French and English with the University of London International Programmes. She is now CEO of Camelot Group, the company which operates the UK National Lottery.

The University of London International Programmes boasts many graduates who have risen to the top of their fields in business and industry. British businesswoman Dame Dianne Thompson started her career in marketing after gaining a degree in French and English as a University of London International Programmes student at Manchester Polytechnic. She was director of marketing at retail chain Woolworths and ran her own advertising agency before joining the Camelot Group, the company which operates the UK National Lottery. She was instrumental in defeating Sir Richard Branson’s bid to take over the lottery license in 2000 and was promoted to Chief Executive, a position she has held ever since. As CEO, she has overseen the National Lottery generating billions of dollars for charities and good causes.

Judge Andrew Chan

Judge Andrew Chan - graduated 1989

Our flexible study options allow people to pursue new careers without having to give up work to study on-campus. Hong Kong’s Andrew Chan was a pharmacist before he received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London International Programmes in 1989.  He was called to the Bar in England and Hong Kong in 1990 and worked in private practice until being appointed as a Magistrate in 1998.  He was elevated to District Judge in 2007 and is now a Deputy High Court Judge.