How we work with the ACCA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The University of London has an innovative partnership with the ACCA that integrates both our Masters in Professional Accountancy Degree with their professional level accountancy body. This collaboration delivers a wider access to learning whilst producing a truly unique study programme.ACCA logo - Think Ahead

The ACCA was formed in 1904 and has over 110 years of experience being a professional body for professional accountants. The ACCA operate in 91 different countries, have 170,000 qualified members and over 430,000 students worldwide.

The University of London and the ACCA work in unison to make sure that future professional accountancy graduates have a combination of skills that can be applied to a constantly changing future.

The ACCA is the only professional body that students can earn both a University of London Master’s Degree and professional accreditation.

For further information see the Masters in Professional Accountancy programme.