Please note that all LTAS papers are in PDF format.

LTAS Sub-Committee 19 – papers: 16 April 2015
LTAS 19/ Agenda PDF
LTAS19/0 Minutes (16 April 2015) PDF
LTAS 19/1 Minutes (22 January 2015) PDF
LTAS 19/2 AFWG Report Update PDF
LTAS 19/3 MA Refugee Protection Studies and Forced Migration programme changes PDF
LTAS 19/4 MSc Professional Accountancy Approval Event Report PDF
LTAS 19/5 Access programme into BSc Business Administration extension request PDF
LTAS 19/6 UG Laws Programme Changes PDF
LTAS 19/7 MOOC Activity digest PDF
LTAS 19/8 MOOC QA Procedures PDF to follow
LTAS 19/9 CDE Strategy PDF
LTAS19/10 CDE Fellows Meeting PDF
LTAS19/11 Student Experience Survey process PDF
LTAS19/12 Good practice digest PDF