Global MBA

University of London student

A flexible MBA by a world-class institution that takes ambitious and aspirational business leaders to the next level

The University of London’s new Global MBA will offer a transformational educational experience that will develop your skills and knowledge into world-class business acumen.

Study from anywhere in the world, and bring a global perspective to your local knowledge.

You will emerge not only with the capability to tackle business problems and reach new frontiers, but also with a prestigious University of London qualification that will be recognised and admired by employers around the globe.

Let the world come to you

Our fully-flexible Global MBA will be available anywhere in the world via distance learning, while some of our recognised teaching institutions offer teaching support together with the benefits of a campus environment.

The MBA experience is designed to transcend the boundaries of the lecture theatre. You are encouraged to build your global network via our online portal and collaborate with peers from around the world, learning from a wealth of inspiring backgrounds and experience.

Our lead college on the MBA, Queen Mary University of London, places a high priority on the integration of its teaching and research. This ensures that your MBA course materials are informed by the latest developments in the industry and fully relevant to your needs.

The Global MBA will be launching in 2017. Further information will be released in the autumn of 2016.