Venture Capital – Who Really Needs It?

07 June 2016

Dr John Mullins, Associate Professor at London Business School and leader of the new MOOC How to Finance and Grow Your Startup - Without VC, will answer the public’s questions in a special online session hosted on Quora. The session is now open for the public to pose their questions, and Dr Mullins will respond with his answers on Thursday 9 June.

Dr Mullins will be answering questions about entrepreneurship and venture capital relating to the new seven week MOOC course, hosted on the Coursera platform in partnership with the University of London and the London Business School.Dr John Mullins, Associate Professor London Business School

Quora, the online Q&A platform whose tagline is ‘The best answer to any question’, allows members of the public to put their questions directly to Dr Mullins about all aspects of the MOOC course, and about how it will help them get their own projects up and running.

Dr Mullins’ new MOOC addresses some of the most vital questions faced by today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Buoyed by stories of angel investors and unicorns in Silicon Valley, these entrepreneurs might reasonably feel that securing venture capital is the only way to get their startup going.

Dr Mullins’ course challenges the need for initial venture capital by introducing learners to five models that entrepreneurial superstars like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Sir Richard Branson have used, to fund their businesses.

Speaking about the addition of this course to the University of London MOOC offering, Dr Mullins commented:

‘More than two generations ago, the venture capital community convinced the entrepreneurial world that writing business plans and then raising venture capital constituted the twin centrepieces of entrepreneurial endeavour. Actually though, the vast majority of fast growing companies never take any venture capital. So where does their money come from? And for you, where might your money come from to start and grow your business?’

Learners enrolled on this new seven week MOOC will find real, practical tools to help them find this funding. Learners can hear stories from creative entrepreneurs - about their successes and failures - through intimate, no holds-barred interviews with founders, investors and other experts.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for advice, or if you are thinking of enrolling on the MOOC yourself, login to Quora and have your questions answered by Dr Mullins himself.

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