Please note that all LTAS papers are in PDF format.

LTAS Sub-Committee 22 – papers: 14 January 2016
LTAS22/0 Agenda PDF
LTAS22 Minutes - 14 January 2016 Chair Approved and corrected PDF
LTAS22/1 Minutes (17 September 2015) PDF
LTAS22/2 Assessment tool kit PDF
LTAS22/3 Evaluation of assessment changes PDF
LTAS22/4 MSc Demography and health – approval report PDF
LTAS22/5 CertHE Social Sciences – approval report PDF
LTAS22/6 MOOC panel reports PDF
LTAS22/7 MOOC Update Strategy PDF
LTAS22/8 Programme Teams’ Forum PDF
LTAS22/9 Academic approval policy (QASL paper) PDF
LTAS22/10 Goldsmith MOOC specialisation PDF