Please note that all QASL papers are in PDF format.

QASL Papers 31: Friday 26 June 2015
QASL 31 Agenda PDF
QASL 31/1A QASL 30 minutes - Friday 24 April 2015 (Chair approved) PDF
QASL 31/2 Mid Cycle Review: Update PDF
QASL 31/3 MOOC Approval and Annual monitoring PDF
QASL 31/4 Annual Summary of reports from External and Intercollegiate Examiners (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/5 Student Advice Centre update (Feb 14-Jan 15) Revised PDF
QASL 31/6 Programme Teams’ Forum 2015 report PDF
QASL 31/7A&B Update on the Assessment Framework Working Group PDF
QASL 31/8 Student Voice Group meeting notes (April 2015) PDF
QASL 31/9 Annual Programme Planning and Review for 2013-14 PDF
QASL 31/10 Modern Languages Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/11 Spanish and Latin American Studies Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/12 Business Administration Access programme Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/13 Combined Degree Scheme Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/14 Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management Annual Programme Report (2013/14) To follow
QASL 31/15 Conversion of Coursera course to Moodle PDF
QASL 31/16 Review of Programme Monitoring and Review Processes PDF
QASL 31/17 Examiner Register of Interest report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 31/18 Complaints and Appeals Activities, including alignment with Chapter B9 of the UK Quality Code of Higher Education PDF