Please note that all QASL papers are in PDF format.

QASL Papers 32: Friday 18 September 2015
QASL 32 Agenda PDF
QASL 32/1 Terms of Reference, Constitution and Membership PDF
QASL 32/2 QASL 31 minutes - Friday 26 June 2015 (Chair approved) PDF
QASL 32/3 Mid-Cycle Review action plan PDF
QASL 32/4 Revised policy and procedures for academic programme approval and approval of revision to programmes PDF
QASL 32/5 Thematic review: Special Examination Arrangements PDF
QASL 32/6 Thematic review: Special Admissions Arrangements PDF
QASL 32/7 Student Voice Group notes (September 2015) PDF
QASL 32/8 Student information project: Final report PDF
QASL 32/9 Examination Centre Audit PDF
QASL 32/10 Annual Programme Planning and Review for 2013-14 PDF
QASL 32/11 Information Security Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 32/12 Petroleum Geoscience Annual Programme Report (2013/14) PDF
QASL 32/13 Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies Annual Programme Report (2014/15) PDF
QASL 32/14 Postgraduate Laws Annual Programme Report (2014) PDF
QASL 32/15 CeDEP Annual Programme Report (2014) PDF