Please note that all Academic Committee papers are in PDF format.

ULIAAC PAPERS 20: 14 October 2016
AC 20 Agenda PDF
AC 20/1 Terms of Reference, Constitution and Membership for the Academic Committee, its Sub-Committees and Standing Panel,2016-17 PDF
AC 20/2 AC 19 Minutes PDF
AC 20/3 VLE Inclusive Practice Policy and Guidelines PDF
AC 20/4 Student Experience Survey PDF
AC 20/5 Guidelines for Examinations PDF
AC 20/6 Institutions Sub-Committee Reserved Business
AC 20/7a Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle Sub-Committee 35 PDF
AC 20/7b Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle Sub-Committee 36 PDF
AC 20/8a Systems and Technologies Sub-Committee 30 Reserved Business
AC 20/8b Systems and Technologies Sub-Committee 31 Reserved Business
AC 20/9a Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee 24 PDF
AC 20/9b Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee 25 PDF
AC 20/9c BSc Management and Digital Innovation Reserved Business
AC 20/9d Global MBA approval report Reserved Business
AC 20/10 Inclusive Practice Panel 11 minutes PDF
AC 20/11 Student Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Panel Minutes PDF
AC 20/12 TIRF review update PDF
AC 20/13 Terms and Conditions update PDF
AC 20/14 Chairs of Boards of Examiners annual meeting notes 2016 PDF
AC 20/15 Quality Enhancement Review Reserved Business
AC 20/16 Diploma Supplements and transcripts MSc Professional Accountancy Sep 16 Reserved Business
AC 20/17 Marking Practices Working Group Report Reserved Business
AC 20/18 Suspensions of Regulations report October 2016 Reserved Business
AC 20/19 Code of Student Discipline report Reserved Business