Please note that all Academic Committee papers are in PDF format.

AC 22/1 AC 21 minutes PDF
AC 22/2 UG period of registration complete PDF
AC 22/3 Quality Mechanisms PDF
AC 22/4 Assessment Offences PDF
AC 22/5 Assessment Toolkit PDF
AC 22/6 HESA Project: Registration Model PDF
AC 22/7 Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle Sub-Committee 38 Minutes PDF
AC 22/8 Systems and Technologies Sub – Committee 33 Minutes Reserved Business
AC 22/9 Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee Minutes PDF
AC 22/9a SOAS Global Corporations and Policy Approval Panel Report PDF
AC 22/9b School of Advanced Studies Understanding and Securing Human Rights Approval Panel Report PDF
AC 22/10 Inclusive Practice Panel 13 minutes PDF
AC 22/11 UoLIA Governance Mapping Briefing April 2017 PDF
AC 22/12 TIRF review update PDF
AC 22/13 General Regulations 2017 PDF
AC 22/14 Implications of Brexit Reserved Business