Please note that all Academic Committee papers are in PDF format.

ULIAAC PAPERS 9: 10 May 2013
AC 9 Agenda PDF
AC 9 AC 9 Minutes – Chair Approved - Revised PDF
AC 9/1 Minutes of Academic Committee 8 PDF
AC 9/2a Registration Dates PDF
AC 9/3 Institutions Policy Framework – development of revised criteria PDF
AC 9/4 Freedom of Information Act 2000 PDF
AC 9/5 Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle Sub-Committee PDF
AC 9/6 Systems and Technologies Sub-committee Reserved Business
AC 9/7 Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee PDF
AC 9/8 Biennial Review of Effectiveness – Results and Analysis PDF
AC 9/9 Academic Responsibility and Accountability for the International Programmes PDF
AC 9/10 Admissions Update 2012-2013 PDF
AC 9/11 Student engagement Report PDF