LSHTM Testimonials

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

MSc Clinical Trials - Dr Julien Nyombayire (Rwanda)

I am working as a research physician in HIV epidemiology and prevention research in Kigali, Rwanda.

My choice of the School was mainly driven by its world renowned reputation of high quality education and the diversity of the teaching expertise found in the School’s programmes, especially in health research.

I have enjoyed the application of theoretical principles learned through the course to daily research activities. I have no doubt the knowledge acquired during my studies will build the foundation for my future career in research and will open doors for even more learning opportunities.

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MSc Epidemiology - Christine Blaser (Canada)

The programme offered the intellectual challenge I was looking for. Assignments contained a balance between the application of textbook knowledge and a thorough practice of analytical and methodological skills.

Distance learning allows the student to develop excellent planning skills and self-discipline and to overcome obstacles, all of which can be sought-after competences in the job market.

Since graduation I’ve had three successful job interviews during which the excellence of the School was emphasized. I chose to work as project coordinator in a university research centre documenting and harmonizing data from many international epidemiological studies.

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MSc Global Health Policy - Stefan Werner Weber (Switzerland)

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, currently directing Payment Policy in Novartis International AG.

I always felt that I was only half the leader I wanted to be because I lacked a solid understanding of those factors that shape global health and the environment in which pharmaceutical companies operate. Studying at the School by distance learning is much more engaging than when I studied business administration previously.

Today we have videos, podcasts and most importantly very well-moderated, high-quality discussions among students and staff through the online forum.

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MSc Infectious Diseases - Dr Mohit Bhatia (India)

I am a medical professional with specialisation in medical microbiology and I have worked extensively on leptospirosis.

The field of infectious diseases has always been very close to my heart. India is an endemic country for several infectious diseases but no institutes here offer a structured course like this one from the School.

Ever since I have enrolled for this course, I have always felt at ease in contacting the tutors and my fellow classmates. It is like home away from home for me and it is an honour to be a part of an institute of such repute.

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MSc Infectious Diseases - Mizuho Shimada (Japan)

Through the course, I could broaden and deepen my knowledge of infectious diseases along with knowledge of epidemiology in developing countries.

Studying materials every day, submitting reports by internet and taking exams at the British Council in Tokyo were all new and fun to me. One of the wonderful aspects of the course is to join alumni, which helped me to meet alumni members in Timor-Leste and in Japan.

Studying by distance learning provided me the foundation to continue research, hospital work and teaching medical parasitology at a medical university.

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MSc Public Health - Alison Maassen (USA)

The School's distance learning programme offered me the flexibility to continue developing my career while also gaining academic knowledge from a prestigious institution.

I completed the programme over four years across three continents, often with limited access to the internet - few other academic programmes are that adaptable!

My degree has given me valuable skills in such varied fields as economic analysis, immunology, health services management, and epidemiology, all while allowing me to gain practical project management experience in my full-time job. I apply knowledge gained through my degree to my daily work.

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