Our people

We believe that our people and our students, make the University of London International Programmes the worldwide success it is today. The commitment and hard work of all the people in the central offices help to deliver our programmes to all our students, whether they are studying at a teaching institution or through self-study.

Since the founding of the University of London International Programmes in 1858 (then known as the External System), our people, including staff from the member institutions of the University, have ensured that the International Programmes continues to be regarded, by students and employers alike, as a world leader in distance and flexible learning.

Today, across 180 countries from around the globe, the 50,000 students are involved in this vibrant and dynamic organisation. The community of recognised teaching institutions providing local student support for our programmes continues to grow. The success and positive impact on the lives of individuals, society and the world at large by alumni of the University of London ensures that the University of London degrees awarded are highly valued and internationally renowned for their academic rigour.