Your award

A graduate with Professor Jenny Hamilton

When you enrol on your programme you register with the University of London for a University of London award.

On graduation you are sent two documents - a final diploma (i.e. the parchment you receive following graduation) and a Diploma Supplement.

Your final diploma

The final diploma indicates that you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate. It also gives the name of the College of the University of London, or a consortium with representation by more than one College, which conducted the examinations. The University of London logo and signature of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London are incorporated.

The Diploma Supplement describes the nature, level and content of the programme you successfully completed. It includes a transcript of courses or modules taken and marks achieved, as well as the overall classification. The Diploma Supplement confirms the mode of study and which College of the University of London or consortium provided the academic direction.