Celebrating 30 years with SIM Global Education

SIM Global Education Building, Singapore

In 2016, the University of London and SIM Global Education in Singapore celebrated 30 years of collaboration.

From an initial intake of just 40 students in 1986, almost 30,000 graduates have since completed a University of London degree at SIM GE.

A record 169 students graduated in 2015 with First Class Honours. Of this graduating cohort, 29 students are pursuing further study at UK universities, including 10 at the London School of Economics.

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SIM Global Education is the largest private educational institution in Singapore and is well known for its high standards and vibrant student experience.

In 2009, it was awarded the highest status of 'Affiliate Centre' in the University of London’s teaching framework, which recognised its commitment towards high quality teaching and student support.

The statistics are clear: this is a partnership that continues to move from strength to strength, delivering higher levels of success for greater numbers of students.

What our students say:

Isaac Liu, BSc International RelationsIsaac Liu, BSc International Relations (current student)

I wanted an education that would transform my mind. SIM GE has provided me a structure to undertake internship opportunities and contribute to the student body while pursuing my studies.

Isaac has interned at the US Embassy, is the Youth Director of the Talent Development Programme at SIM, and travelled to Hong Kong to participate in the 6th Universities Scholar' Leadership Symposium in 2015.

Amos Yeo, BSc Computing and Information SystemsAmos Yeo, BSc Computing and Information Systems (2015)

Studying at SIM GE laid a solid foundation that helped ease my transition into my second year at Goldsmiths. I found the knowledge gained at SIM GE extremely relevant and the emphasis on Java and object-orientated programming has proved invaluable.

After showing great promise in his first year of study of study, Amos Yeo transferred to Goldsmiths, University of London, completing his degree on-campus with First Class Honours in 2015.

Liew Li Ting, BSc Economics and FinanceLiew Li Ting, BSc Economics and Finance (2014)

It was a great platform for students who are aiming for postgraduate studies. I am very thankful for all the unconditional help and opportunities I was given throughout my undergraduate life.

Li Ting progressed from a Diploma in Economics to a Bachelor’s degree, graduating with First Class Honours in 2014. After gaining a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics, she is now an associate in the Enterprise Risk Services department at Deloitte Singapore.

What our leaders say:

Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer, SIM Global EducationDr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer, SIM Global Education

Dr Cheong was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate of Sciences at the 2016 University of London International Programmes graduation ceremony. He said the award would spur him to achieve even more through the institution.

My professional focus now is to help create chances and opportunities for others... It has been a privilege to have witnessed every year almost ten thousand students, some young and some not so young, finishing their studies and going out into the world to seize opportunities in life.

Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor, University of LondonProfessor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor, University of London

Studying for a University of London degree or diploma at SIM GE is a winning combination. University of London-SIM graduates are sought after by top employers in Singapore and around the world.

Professor Smith became Vice-Chancellor of the University of London in 2012. Prior to this, he held prestigious roles as Director General of Knowledge and Innovation for the UK Government and Principal of Queen Mary, University of London.

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