Student guide and Programme handbooks 2015-2016

Last year the University developed a new format for student handbooks, introducing the new Student guide to the International Programmes [pdf: 37pgs, 1MB] alongside your particular Programme handbook. The Student guide puts all of the information that is relevant to all International Programmes students* in one place, while the Programme handbooks contain information that is specific to your programme of study.

*Students on the International Foundation Programme do not need to refer to the Student guide and should instead follow the information given in their Student handbook.

These publications must be read in conjunction with the relevant Programme Specifications and Regulations, which govern the relationship between students and the University of London. All students must comply with the procedures, deadlines and instructions given in the handbooks and also with the Regulations.

Note: If the handbook for your programme of study is not listed below then it will be found on the virtual learning environment for your programme of study. CeFiMS and CeDEP student handbooks are provided on these websites - The Centre for Financial & Management Studies and SOAS [external websites].

Student guide

Student guide to the International Programmes [pdf: 37pgs, 1MB]

Programme handbooks

The following handbooks cover the academic year 2015-16.


International Foundation Programme [pdf 36pgs 1.5MB]


Information Security [pdf: 54pgs, 1.28MB]

Laws: LLM, Diploma & Certificate [pdf: 32pgs, 932KB]

Livestock Health and Production and,
Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health
[pdf: 31pgs, 1.56MB]

Petroleum Geoscience [pdf: 28 pgs 1.38MB

Refugee protection and forced migration studies [pdf: 50pgs, 1MB]


Business Administration [pdf: 56pgs, 2.8MB]

Combined Degree Scheme [pdf 35pgs 1.7MB]

Computing [pdf 34pgs 999KB]

English [pdf 59pgs 1.36MB]

EMFSS [pdf 124pgs 2.12MB]

History [pdf 79pgs 1.04MB]

UG Laws [pdf 23pgs 1MB]

Philosophy [pdf 46pgs 2.5MB]

Theology [pdf 22pgs 660KB]