Student guide and Programme handbooks 2016-2017

Your Programme handbook provides academic guidance along with practical information and advice that is specific to your studies. Not all programmes provide a programme handbook in a traditional format and you should check the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for information and access to additional programme materials.

Programme handbooks that are available through the International Programmes website are listed below. If the handbook for your programme is not there then it will be found on the VLE for your programme of study.

The Student guide and Programme handbook must be read in conjunction with the relevant Programme Specifications and Programme Regulations, which govern the relationship between you and the University of London. You must follow the procedures, deadlines and instructions given in the handbooks, and comply with your Programme Regulations.

Student guide

The Student guide to the International Programmes provides essential information for you at all the different stages of your student journey. It includes advice and guidance on registration, examination, graduation and includes other information essential for a rich and meaningful experience.

Student guide to the International Programmes [pdf: 40pgs, 1.97MB]

Programme handbooks

The following handbooks cover the academic year 2016-2017:


International Foundation Programme [pdf: 37pgs 1.2MB]


Information Security [pdf: 49pgs, 1.26MB]

Laws: LLM, Diploma & Certificate [pdf: 32pgs, 853KB]

Livestock Health and Production and,
Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health [Available later]

Petroleum Geoscience [pdf: 28pgs 1.15MB]

Refugee protection and forced migration studies [pdf: 53pgs 1.01MB]


Business Administration [pdf: 47pgs, 1.37MB]

Combined Degree Scheme [pdf: 34pgs, 969KB]

Computing [pdf: 31pgs 1.06MB]

English [pdf: 53pgs 894KB]

EMFSS [pdf: 108pgs 1MB]

History [pdf: 22pgs, 915KB]

Philosophy [pdf: 40pgs 1.02MB]

Theology [pdf: 21pgs 924KB]

UG Laws [pdf: 23pgs 1.25KB]