Please note that all Academic Committee papers are in PDF format.

ULIAAC PAPERS 8: 1 March 2013
AC 8 Agenda PDF
AC 8 AC 8 Minutes – Chair Approved - Revised PDF
AC 8/1 Minutes of Academic Committee 7 PDF
AC 8/2 Engagement with the Quality Assurance Agency PDF
AC 8/3 General Regulations for Level 3 Programmes PDF
AC 8/4 Biennial Review of Effectiveness of the University of London International Academy Academic Committee PDF
AC 8/5 Institutions sub-committee 21 minutes: 30 January 2013 Reserved Business
AC 8/6 Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle sub-committee minutes: 8 February 2013 PDF
AC 8/7 Systems and Technologies sub-committee minutes: 22 January 2013 Reserved Business
AC 8/8 Minutes – Chair approved tbc
AC 8/8a Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee minutes: 4 October 2012 PDF
AC 8/8b Learning, Teaching and Assessment sub-committee minutes: 7 February 2013 PDF
AC 8/9 Undergraduate Laws Committee Minutes ULC31 PDF
AC 8/10 Phased launch of BSc Business and Management programme and notice of withdrawal of the BSc Business and BSc Management programmes PDF
AC 8/11 Withdrawal of the Sociology Programmes from the EMFSS Suite PDF
AC 8/12 Withdrawal of the Non-credit Bearing Modules From The International Business Programme PDF